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At Rauch Auto Care we specialize in providing you with personalized attention at an affordable price.

Find us:

Call: (847) 235 – 2204
33B LeBaron Street
Waukegan IL 60085


Not sure where to start on your car? We can put it up on the rack and give you a complete inspection to determine what repairs are needed. We also provide used car inspections before you purchase a car, so you will be an informed buyer

Rauch Auto Care


If you need help getting to and from the shop, we provide rides to you home, office, or even train, within 10 miles. We also can recommend reputable towing companies if needed.

Rauch Auto Care Tire Rack Specialist

Tire rack recommended installer

We are a Tire Rack Recommended installer, carefully screened to show that we have the right equipment and skills to have your delivered tires installed the right way.

“A trusted automotive technician AND mechanic is a valuable resource. Bob Rauch has been critical to the longevity and performance of my BMWs, Volkswagens, and Nissans for more than a decade.”

“I’ve referred a number of friends to Bob and Margarent. This is a thinking mechanic’s workshop. Problems are accurately idagnosed and repaired. Too many shops practive “swaptronics” where they toss parts at cars and hope it will fix the problem. Not here. Bob knows what he’d doing.”