A trusted automotive technician and mechanic is valuable resource. Bob Rauch has been critical to the longevity and performance of my BMW, Volkswagen’s, and Nissan for over a decade. Whether I’ve needed complex work for my track cars, street tuner, or routine maintenance, Rauch Auto Care has been outstanding! Bob has earned my trust again and again. I have very high standards and expect the best when it comes to my cars. His prices are always fair, no job is too big or small, and he gets me back on the road quickly. Rauch’s service is excellent and has become the only mechanic I use. My wife and I have used Rauch for years!

– Dave E.

Since I’ve joined the Windy City BMW Club my family and I have been going to Bob Rauch for anything automotive.  I met him about 13 years ago at Gingerman, he was the Club Track Mechanic,  my brakes felt funny even though I had new pads on, so Bob bled the brake lines between track sessions, and all was well.  After meeting him the first time, we became instant friends, he is so personable and friendly.  Later as I got to know him better, I found that he is truthful and respectful as well.  Anything he ever did on my cars he took the time to explain thoroughly and talk to me as an equal, not treat me as a stupid woman who didn’t belong in a garage or on the track.  I have the utmost respect for Bob, and would recommend him to anyone.  Even my husband likes Bob -now that is saying a lot! 

-Jean T.

I’ve been a customer at Rauch for years and have recommended this shop to my friends on numerous occasions.  I’ve always been impressed by the value this shop places on THINKING a problem through….too often not done at Dealerships these days anymore. Rauch has solved complex problems for me that left certain local dealerships scratching their heads.

-Bryan W.

With both my personal and race car, I know I can trust Bob to find the problems, explain it to me, and resolve the issues the right way. It’s nice to have a mechanic that I completely trust.

-Bill O.

Bob has been doing my BMW and MINI performance installs, maintenance and inspections for many years.  He does great work and is honest, fair and thorough.  I trust Bob’s work and advice and that’s most important!

-Jim M.